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The founder of Plasinia is 48-year-old Ivanka Đelilović. Since her childhood, she visits Gacka river at Čović, where her parents grew up. Because of her fondness for Lika, together with her husband, she built a house right beside the river. She was always fascinated with, as she would say, "the poetry of earth" and the beauty of that region.

The natural world with its majestic beauty and mystery has long been a source of inspiration to her. Therefore, she came up with an idea to formulate beauty products that will convey the beauty of nature to people and offer high-quality nature-based skincare.

Personal Story

Although I've always been interested in cosmetics, circumstantially, I started working with my husband, who was in the trade and carpentry manufacturing business at the time. In the meantime, alongside work, I studied nature in various ways. It started with a self-propagating herbs course, and then at the Faculty of Agriculture, I studied pomiculture and viticulture, and enology. After that, I learned how to grow plants according to the principles of permaculture and biodynamics, in harmony with the ecosystem. I also studied logotherapy, a branch of psychology that deals with the meaning of existence and therapeutic techniques that are best suited for finding that meaning. You could say that my goal is to maintain the balance of nature and to help achieve better mental balance.

There's a meaningful progression in life, and usually, one thing leads to another...That's how my cosmetics story started. Originally, I made creams for myself, in my own kitchen. After some time I started sharing them with acquaintances and friends who were very satisfied with the quality of creams. I recognized that this could become much more serious, which is why I visited the International Cosmetics Fair in Bologna, where I found glass/wood eco-packaging I wanted. I also found a cosmetic lab in Italy, although I did not intend to do so. However, anywhere I asked in Croatia, no one was really interested in cooperating with a small business. Fortunately, the cosmetic lab we found near Padua shared our passion for high-quality skin care.

The name Plasinia was inspired by the Plasina hill. I was building the brand for 3 years and during that time gradually investing in it. Given that there are many international opportunities for us now, together with my husband and daughter, I am working on new products that will also be formulated with a soothing Gacka water base and scented with Lika's wonder fragrance.

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