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Why We Must Reconnect With Nature

The development of ecological awareness is an integral part of our identity. It is reflected in our formulations, packaging, and fragrances. Plasinia products do not contain cosmetic perfumes or the unidentified concoction of ingredients which often include chemicals known to cause a whole host of health issues. Purity is something we guarantee and insist on.

A lot of people prefer cosmetic perfumes with a very intensive scent. In one particular case, we had a client who disliked Myrtle fragrance. There are many reasons why someone may not like a particular aroma/essential oil including negative memory based association, they simply do not like it, and more typically, lack of familiarity with a given aroma. It is common that individuals who do not have a relationship with individual natural fragrances often find them ‘unpleasant’. Of course, everyone has their own tastes and preferences, and that's okay, but we have to acknowledge that this is a frequent and somewhat alarming trend in cosmetics.

Our disconnect from nature is an understated problem. Just take a moment to reflect on your daily life and determine how much time you spend in front of the computer, on the phone, texting or whatever. Now subtract the amount of time you spend sitting outside, walking in the woods, gardening or otherwise interacting with nature. The bigger the Nature Deficit the more out of balance with the life force of the natural world you are.

We must make sure the next generation also has the opportunity to have meaningful encounters with nature because they cannot grow to love nature if they do not experience it. If children lose their love of nature, who will be the environmental stewards of the future?

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