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How To Build A Skin Care Routine

Zogan (“the creation of face”) massage was invented by the Japanese stylist and beauty expert, Yukuko Tanaka (田中宥久子). It's quite simple to implement, easy to learn and accessible to everyone, and it only takes away 5-7 minutes a day.

Together with Plasinia natural cosmetics, you can build a comprehensive skin care routine that will bring nature back to your life, and help the natural skin rejuvenation process.

Some Tips

The Zogan massage needs to be performed with the help of oil, or massaging cream that needs to be applied to a previously cleaned face. We recommend Energizing Face Oil, It's rich in vitamins, minerals, it has a high amount of phytosterols which gives the oil its durability, and enables a fast absorption. To get your skin especially smooth, use it in conjunction with Rich Nourishing Face Cream.

The First Positive Results

The wrinkles decrease, the skin becomes toned, elastic, and smooth, the proper facial contours are created, the swollen skin and the dark circles under the eyes disappear, etc.

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