The Soothing Gacka Collection includes the following products:


  • Rich Nourishing Face Cream (€59.00)

  • Energizing Face Oil (€32.00)

  • Refreshing Skin Tonic (€25.33)


The crystal clear water of the Gacka River, rich in minerals and nutrients, enriches the nutrients within the skin leaving it soothed and deeply moisturized. The Soothing Gacka Collection provides long-lasting hydration and revitalizes skin, leaving it smooth and soft. 


The recommended order to apply the products is:

  1. Refreshing Skin Tonic 
  2. Energizing Face Oil
  3. Rich Nourishing Face Cream


Bring skin health to the optimal level.

Soothing Gacka

SKU: P-98-88-SG-01

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