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Refreshing Skin Tonic

With Myrtle Hydrolate and Colloidal Silver.

e100 ml

Dermatologically tested.


The Refreshing Skin Tonic is suitable for all skin types, can be used any time during the day or night, or before applying creams.


The essence of Myrtle (Myrtus communis) captivates with its mild, soft scent, and with the reviving spring water of the Gacka River, improves the natural cellular process, revives the look of skin and improves hydration. Colloidal Silver has antimicrobial properties, while Hyaluronan moisturizes and prolongs skin protection throughout the day.


This hydrating tonic delivers a cooling burst of freshness to improve moisture, enhance water diffusion across the skin, improve the skin capacity to retain water, and keep your skin healthy-looking and vibrant.

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