Rich Nourishing Face Cream


With Borage Oil and Myrtle Extract.

e50 ml

Dermatologically tested.


Nourishing and refreshing cream, suitable for everyday care and all skin types.


An incredibly nutritious oil of the starry Borage Flower (Borago officinalis), rich in fatty acids, soothes irritated skin and decreases inflammation, leaving it calm and glowing.

Active ingredients of Myrtle Hydrolate (Myrtus communis) are excellent for poor skin circulation, especially sensitive and acne-prone skin and regeneration. Active substances and Light Plum Oil (Prunus domestica) give a more youthful appearance, and the enchanting spring water of the Gacka River leaves your skin vibrant and supple.


This nutrient-rich cream deeply nourishes your skin. It reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles, boosts microcirculation to reveal a rejuvenated glow, protects your skin from external factors and provides a feeling of comfort and warmth.


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